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Each of these endings can be found in Chrono Trigger.

For all of these endings to take affect, you must beat Lavos. The first time through, this can only be done at the end and in 12,000 B.C. In New Game+ mode, however, you can fight Lavos at any time you have access to the End of Time or 1000 A.D. (You get New Game+ mode after beating the game once.) One way to fight him is in 1000 A.D. At the Millenial Fair, Lucca's exibit has a little sparkle (like a tab) on the right side. Press A while next to the sparkle and you can fight Lavos. (I find this easier than the End of Time portal because you don't have to do the boss review mode that you would if you went through the end of time or used the Epoch to get to 1999 A.D.) These first three endings can be found without New Game+ mode. So here they are, all 10 endings to Chrono Trigger! (When white, What green)

Beat the game without Crono ========== Regular ending without Crono.

Beat the game with Crono ========== Regular ending with Crono.

Lose to Lavos ========== Lavos destroys the world and it is turned into what is seen at 2300 A.D.

When you first see Lucca's exibit, use the sparkle. (You can also get this ending by beating Lavos when you fight him in 12,000 B.C. when Crono is supposed to die). ========== This ending shows your party at the end of time. Each person there represents one of the programmers! You can walk to the light pillars to the west to find more people. If you talk to everyone, Spekkio's door will open and you can talk to all of the main producers. One of them will give you the credits quickly, then a "The End".

Return from 600 A.D. ========== This ending shows wedding pictures of Frog and Marle. (?)

Somewhere inbetween coming from and going to 600 A.D. (?) ========== This ending shows one of the forest frogs, a Nu, and a kilwala chasing each other and sleeping while the credits roll past on the right. Weird.

Go back to 600 A.D. ========== This ending shows Robo with Atropos, his girlfriend, at the beginning. After that you see scenes of Tata's journey into Magus' tower.

Frog restores the Masamune ========== This ending shows Frog's journey to fight Magus. You can hear sounds of their fight during the credits. At the end, Frog is the victor.

Take Ayla away from the battle with the reptites ========== This ending shows the beginning of the game with reptites replacing Crono and the other humans.

After Lavos hits in 65,000,000 B.C. ========== This ending starts with shots of Frog, Magus, and the party. It procedes on to show Magus fighting Lavos. You can hear sounds of the battle during the credits.